Master Bladesmith Logo


Smith, fletch, lathe and construct.


Collect precious gems and ore.


Test your creations in a special time chamber.


Collect piles of coins and exchange denominations to buy gear.


Level up, get stronger, and build and buy better gear to progress your game.


Move around seamlessly using a unique locomotion system.

Build Your Arsenal

Craft more and more powerful blades.

Forge metals from raw ore. Smelt ingots and shape them into sword blades. Lathe wooden handles and piece together progressively powerful creations.

VR Movement

Introducing a new way to move in VR.

Master bladesmith allows seamless transitions between first to third person in VR. The third person character is fully controlled allowing complete interaction with your environment and gear. This results in full freedom of movement and interaction in the game whilst completely removing any motion sickness.

Upgrade Your Washplant

Find the rarest gems and ore.

Process ore by feeding it through an elaborate washplant. Feed, grind, trommel and shake away all the useless rock to reveal precious ore. Then upgrade your machine, piece by piece, to find more quantity and quality of ore.

Time Dilation Chamber

This chamber can simulate extreme environments, gravity and time.

Once you have created your finest armaments, put them to test in this special chamber. Test the strength of your blades and armor, all the while collecting money, experience and loot. Every venture into the chamber will get you a little closer to the ultimate test.